Signia 7AX Pure Charge&Go Hearing Aids

  • Signia’s smallest rechargeable Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aid device. 

    All hearing aids come with: 

    Hearing Aid Charger 

    Hearing Aid Receivers 

    Hearing Aid Domes

    Hearing Aid Cleaning Utensils 

    Programmed To The Hearing Test Provided

    2 Year Warranty 

    The first hearing aid with Augmented Focus™ technology, the Pure Charge&Go AX
     combines attractive design with proven rechargeability and direct streaming for Android and iOS devices.

    Pure Charge&Go AX
     is ideal for experienced and first-time hearing aid wearers alike. This sleek Receive-in-Canal (RIC) device is fully featured to support a variety of hearing aid wearers, including CROS options for those with single-sided deafness and a T-coil for picking up sound signals in public places.

    You shouldn’t have to choose between focusing on speech or your surroundings. Our revolutionary Augmented Focus™ technology can separate speech from noise, making it easier for you to focus on what you want to hear. Discover why 95% of AX wearers report exceptional speech understanding in their home environment.


    Priority Mail shipping is included with this purchase, you do not need to select it at checkout. 

    Our average shipping time for custom programmed hearing aids is 7 business days. 

    Club Hearing Customer Benefits:
    • Free Shipping (USA Residents)
    • Free Programming To Your Hearing Loss
    • 45 Day Return Period
    • Best Pricing Guarantee
    • Customer Support

Why choose us?

45 Day trial

Try our hearing aids for 45 days or your money back.

Free shipping

Complimentary priority mail shipping on hearing aid orders in the USA.

Premium Quality

Our professionally selected hearing aid technology will provide you with high fidelity sound without the high price.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mena Meawad
Great hearing aid and amazing support

Club Hearing is legit!
and everyone who is looking for decent hearing Aid with affordable price deserves to know about them.
when i was searching for a hearing aid for my wife we visited multiple local hearing aid service centers, the prices were so high so i started to look online and came across Club Hearing and they offered the same exact model with almost half price! for me this was too good to be true and i was scared to make this decision as we never bought something like this online.
eventually in the end i contacted them and they helped throughout the process and i decided to complete the purchase and this was the best purchase decision i have ever made!
I bought the new Signia charge & go 7AX , i sent them my wife hearing test and when they looked at it, they offered me a free receiver upgrade to match her hearing loss as she needed more power.
it took them couple of days extra to order, receive and install the new receiver, so they decided to upgrade my shipping for free and i received it in no time.
after we received it my wife needed some adjustment so we contacted them and their response was very quick, we had it re adjusted online without having to send this over or pay for service.
I usually don't write reviews but i believe that everyone deserves to get hearing aid without being ripped off.

Superb sound quality

I first heard about club hearing from my family doctor. He purchased a set from them and recommended their products. I am very happy with the product quality, the signia 7AX is such an amazing device.

David Vernerchek

I went into my audiology center in ATL I loved the 3AX hearing aid, but they wanted over double the price. I sent in my test and had these programmed for me and when it arrived I just put them in my ears and I am good to go!!

Love them can here again!

Thanks for offering these online. My local center wanted doulbe the price

Baker P
Small Hearing Aids

I purchased these about a month ago, I am really loving them! Thanks club hearing.

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Still have questions?

Here are some FAQs but feel free to reach out to us anytime here.
Where can I send my hearing test?

Hello, please send a photo of your latest hearing test to our email address:

What is your location?

Club Hearing has several shipping locations here in the USA.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes, upon checking out with your items you can select the "ShopPay" option and sign up to see the payment plan options offered.

When can I expect my hearing aid to arrive?

You can expect your new hearing aid to arrive within 2-7 business days. Once we receive your order, we will dispatch it within 1 business day (Monday - Friday).