Signia Wax Filters 2.0 - 16 Pack

  • Appropriate for select Signia-Siemens-Rexton-Miracle Ear branded hearing aids using mini-receivers , filters should be changed based on each individual’s experience, as some of us produce more earwax than others and may require more frequent filter changes.

    Changing the filters is one of the easiest ways to maintain optimal performance across a wide range of Signia’s-Siemens-Rexton-Miracle Ear hearing aid models and keep you hearing your best. Signia’s replacement filters come affixed to a handy applicator, which also functions as a tool to remove the old filter. This pack of eight replacement filters ensures that you’ll have enough filters on hand to replace them as needed, keeping your hearing aids functioning properly every day.

    • 2 Packs of 8 Wax Filters (16 Filters in total) 

    Model number 10966257

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    Fixed my hearing aid
    Fixed my hearing aid!

    My hearing aid was very weak sounding, I changed the wax filter and it restored the sound. It's sounds like new again =)

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