Oticon More 1 miniRITE-r Hearing Aids

Chroma Beige
  • The Oticon More 1 miniRITE-R is a premium cutting-edge hearing aid that offers the ultimate listening experience.

    This discreet and rechargeable device provides clear, relevant sound that enhances your ability to make sense of the world around you. With Bluetooth wireless technology, you can easily connect to your favorite devices for seamless, effortless listening.

    This hearing aid is specifically designed to support the brain in processing sound, and its smart features allow it to analyze and balance the sounds in your environment 500 times per second. Whether you're in a noisy or quiet environment, you'll enjoy improved speech understanding and better clarity.

    The Oticon More 1 miniRITE-R is also easy to operate, with a convenient double push button for volume and program control. The rechargeable battery offers a full day of listening, including streaming, and takes just 3 hours to charge.

    With its IP68 rating, the Oticon More 1 miniRITE-R is water and dust resistant, making it ideal for everyday use. This hearing aid is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and it comes with a professional fitting to your specific hearing loss.


    Bluetooth connectivity 

    Rechargeable battery

    Push button for program and volume control

    Water-resistant coating with an IP68 rating


    What’s included:

    Oticon More 1 miniRITE-R hearing aid(s)


    Charger with cable

    Ear Domes

    Cleaning brush and cleaning cloth

    Customized settings printout

    36 month warranty

    audiology support

    Digital user guide available here

    Additionally, professional fitting to your hearing loss is available with a simple photo of your hearing test sent to audiology@clubhearing.com or take our free online hearing test here.

    Shipping is included with USPS priority mail and typically takes 7 business days for custom programming.

Why choose us?

45 Day trial

Try our hearing aids for 45 days or your money back.

Free shipping

Complimentary priority mail shipping on hearing aid orders in the USA.

Premium Quality

Our professionally selected hearing aid technology will provide you with high fidelity sound without the high price.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Got these and love them better then my last pair, " But we won't comment about them

Danny Aden
Oticon More 1

I have used my Oticon More hearing aids for over a year and they are fantastic. So much better than conventional hearing aids that simple amplify sounds. These things do what they say, your brain is more active hearing the correct sounds. I'll always be thankful I purchased them. Don't hesitate they are worth every penny.

Martha W.
Positive experience

The hearing aids are so comfortable I hardly know they are in my ears. I knew I was hard of hearing but did not know what I was missing.

Keith W.
Hearing Aids

This is my first experience with hearing aids. I am so glad that I decided to go with the Oticon brand. They are very comfortable and work great!

Michael Rosen
Impressive Hearing Aids

I have only had mine for a couple weeks but am very happy with them, the service and support has been excellent. When I got them they had them pre adjusted from my hearing test and I have not had to change anything, but if I do I am confident they will do it in flawless action.

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Still have questions?

Here are some FAQs but feel free to reach out to us anytime here.
Where can I send my hearing test?

Hello, please send a photo of your latest hearing test to our email address: audiology@clubhearing.com.

What is your location?

Club Hearing has several shipping locations here in the USA.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes, upon checking out with your items you can select the "ShopPay" option and sign up to see the payment plan options offered.

When can I expect my hearing aid to arrive?

You can expect your new hearing aid to arrive within 2-7 business days. Once we receive your order, we will dispatch it within 1 business day (Monday - Friday).