GN ReSound ONE Premium Charger

  • GN ReSound ONE Premium Charger Case


    GN ReSound ONE Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aids 

    The GN Resound team have yet again developed a new top of the range charging case which only takes 3 hours to charge a hearing aid. It Also includes the internal charger in the battery which only takes 3.5 hours to charge meaning you can take your charger out with you as a carry around charging pack.  

  • Features:

    This premium charger case provides a variety of different features. There are many compartments including, the hearing aid bays that are also color coordinated for better understanding. (Blue= Left Aid and Red=Right Aid). This outstanding charger also has hearing aid battery lights to show you the current charging level of your hearing aids. When you insert the hearing aids into the charging bays you will see up to 5 charging indicator lights, that will flash up to show the aids lowest charge to highest current charge. The lights will stay on for a duration of 10 seconds and then turn off, they will still show the charge if the hearing aids remain in the charger.

    Hearing Aid Charging Level Lights:

    • 1 light meaning 0-20% charged.
    • 2 lights meaning 20/40% charged.
    • 3 lights meaning 40/60% charged.
    • 4 lights meaning 60/80% charged.
    • 5 lights meaning 80/100% charged.

    You will also know the aids are charged as the light on the hearing aid itself will stop blinking and just remain on.

    Another outstanding aspect of the Premium Charger is the length of charge it can keep. When fully charged it can power your hearing aids up to 3 charges before needing to be plugged back in for the case to be recharged. There are 3 lights on the back of the Premium Charger Case which shows the power level. When it is fully charged the top light will become green, and when it is on a lowest percent the bottom red light will show.

    Charger Case Power Level Lights:

    • 1 blinking red light meaning less than 10% remaining.
    • 1 light (no blinking) means 10/33% charged.
    • 2 lights meaning 33/66% charged.
    • 3 lights meaning 66/100% charged.

    One of the other components is called the receiver bay, this is for the receiver that is attached on to the end of the hearing aids. Meaning no need to take your hearing aid apart! The receiver compartment is designed to help keep their shape, following way they would have to fall into the ear. This means they have a safe place to be while the hearing aids charge. The receiver bay is found in the middle section of the charger case.

    Features Continued:

    • Sleek Design
    • Lightweight
    • Stylish Dark Grey Color
    • Easy Magnetic Lid
    • Color Indicator stickers
    • Charger Indicator Lights
    • Hearing Aid Bays
    • Receiver Bays
    • Charging on the go, up to 3 hearing aid charges
    • Rubber Anti-Slip Base
    • Quick case charging, only 3.5 hours!


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