Widex RC2-DEX - Hearing Aid Remote


    RC-DEX is a compact and user-friendly hearing aid remote control. Its simple and intuitive design gives you easy control of basic hearing aid features like volume control and switching programs – also when you’re watching TV with TV PLAY.


      RC-DEX is intelligently laid out with three simple keys and is small enough to fit on a keychain. That means that you can quickly and easily start using it. And as features are activated, verbal or tone cues in your hearing aids let you know where you are. An LED indicator on the remote control also lights up when it is activated.
      • Stylish and user-friendly - Looks good and is easy to use
      • Discreet - You won’t need to touch your hearing aids to adjust them
      • Function Control of hearing aid functions like volume and programs
      • Feature activation - Verbal or tone cues confirm your selection
      • Small and intuitive design that will fit on your keychain
      • Lock switch - Prevents accidental activation

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    Where can I send my hearing test?

    Hello, please send a photo of your latest hearing test to our email address: audiology@clubhearing.com.

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