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PerfectDry Lux (Hearing Aid Dryer Sanitizer)

  • Protect Your Hearing Aids With The PerfectDry Lux (Hearing Aid Dryer / Sanitizer) 

    • Removes moisture with heat, no desiccant needed
    • UV-C light kills bacteria
    • Kills 99% of bacteria associated with daily use of hearing aids
    • Low energy consumption
    • This incredibly efficient dehumidifier dries and cleans your hearing aids or cochlear implants in only 30 minutes. Forgot to clean your hearing aids overnight? No problem, put them in the Lux while you take a shower and you’ll be out the door on time.
    • Washing compartment dimensions: 2.76" W x .83" H x 2.01" D
    • Outside dimensions: 3.66" W x 1.89" H x 2.99" D
    • Three Year Warranty 

    Do not use on rechargeable hearing aids 

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