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Phonak Audéo™ Paradise

  • Audéo represents the pinnacle of modern hearing aid technology. With a host of enhanced features built-in to the basic model, and with numerous options beyond those for added functionality in any environment, Audéo Paradise offers crisp, natural sound; brilliant speech understanding; personalized noise canceling; voice assistance; multiple options for connectivity to other devices; and smartphone apps that put all of Audéo’s options at your fingertips. Audéo Paradise comes in your choice of seven colors, a number of charging options, and with a variety of useful add-ons including the Roger microphone, which streams directly to your Audéo Paradise hearing aids. The future of hearing aid technology has arrived in Signia’s Audéo Paradise!

    • P50:
      • Comfort in Noise
      • Speech in Noise
      • Calm Situation
      • Media speech + mic
      • Media music + mic
    • P70 (in addition to P50-R features):
      • Music (expanded dynamics and slower compression speed)

    • P90 (in addition to P70-R features):
      • Speech in Loud Noise
      • Speech in Car
      • Comfort in Echo