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Oticon Hearing Aid Domes

    • Pack of 10

    Choose the size to match your current domes:

    • 6mm
    • 8mm
    • 10mm
    • 12mm

    Choose between three dome styles:

    OPEN- For mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss, open domes allow sound from the outside to pass into the ear canal. Frequencies that are not amplified in your hearing aids will be presented naturally. The open structure also allows your own voice to sound natural to you when you speak. However, they are somewhat more prone to feedback than other designs, and are not appropriate for those who require amplification of lower frequencies.

    SINGLE VENT - Similar to the open style in shape, but with only one small opening allowing air to pass through. This style allows for better amplification of lower frequencies and reduced feedback. Appropriate for moderate hearing loss.


    DOUBLE VENT - Similar to the Single Vent in shape, but with two small openings allowing air to pass through. This style allows for even more bass tones to be amplified and for reduced feedback. Appropriate for moderate-severe hearing loss. 

    POWER - The most occlusive type of dome available, power domes are appropriate for those with moderate to profound hearing loss. They reduce feedback significantly while providing good low-frequency reproduction.