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Oticon ConnectClip

  • ConnectClip is a powerful accessory for your Oticon hearing aids. With a built-in microphone, ConnectClip allows your hearing aids to capture sound from wherever you put the ConnectClip, whether it’s in the hands of a loved one while you’re out and about together, or clipped onto a presenter’s shirt to help you hear them loud and clear. Not only that, it can connect directly to your phone or computer to stream the audio from that device directly to your hearing aids, and its microphone will pick your voice up and transmit it to the device you’re using, as well. It’s useful for hands-free calling all day long, and even has controls so you can remotely change the volume and program of your hearing aids, or mute the microphones, even when you’re not connected to a streaming device. 

    Works with the Oticon OPN S Models