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Phonak Audéo Paradise R

    • Audéo represents the pinnacle of modern hearing aid technology. With a host of enhanced features built-in to the basic model, and with numerous options beyond those for added functionality in any environment, Audéo Paradise offers crisp, natural sound; brilliant speech understanding; personalized noise canceling; voice assistance; multiple options for connectivity to other devices; and smartphone apps that put all of Audéo’s options at your fingertips. Audéo Paradise comes in your choice of seven colors, a number of charging options, and with a variety of useful add-ons including the TV Connector, which streams TV audio directly to your Audéo Paradise hearing aids. The future of hearing aid technology has arrived in Signia’s Audéo Paradise! Hearing Aid(s) purchase includes 1 charger, hearing aid domes, and programming to your hearing test. 

      • P50-R:
        • Comfort in Noise
        • Rechargeable
        • Speech in Noise
        • Calm Situation
        • Media speech + mic
        • Media music + mic
      • P70-R (in addition to P50-R features):
        • Music (expanded dynamics and slower compression speed)

      • P90-R (in addition to P70-R features):
        • Speech in Loud Noise
        • Speech in Car
        • Comfort in Echo
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    Mathew B.
    Westimer, CO
    Happy customer

    Great for hearing my family around the dinner table.

    Nancy E.
    Mobile, AL
    Nice hearing instruments

    I can wear these all day with no problems. No one even realizes that I have them in, virtually invisble. :)

    James R.
    Charolate, NC

    Fantastic little hearing aid. Comfortable and work well even in noisy places.

    Ed R.
    The Villages, FLA
    Great for the business meetings

    I tried another online retailer first but it didn’t work out. This has been a better experience.

    Rich V.
    cummings, GA
    Clear sound quality

    5 stars all the way. It took a little to get used to hearing again. After a few days I was in topnotch shape.