Phonak P90-R Hearing Aids

  • Premium Phonak Paradise p90-R Hearing Aid Technology. 

    Programmed to your hearing loss - Send your a photo of your hearing test to 

    These hearing aids are appropriate for Mild/Moderate/Severe/Profound Hearing loss. 


    Phonak p90-R Hearing Aid(s)

    Receivers and domes appropriate for your hearing loss

    1 Charger and Cable 

    Free programming to your hearing loss 

    24 Month Warranty 

    Premium Features: 

    • Bluetooth 
    • Rechargeable 
    • Comfort in Noise
    • Speech in Noise
    • Calm Situation
    • Media speech + mic
    • Media music + mic
    • Music (expanded dynamics and slower compression speed)
    • Speech in Loud Noise
    • Speech in Car
    • Comfort in Echo

     If you're struggling to hear conversations, enjoying social gatherings, or even watching TV, then you know how frustrating and isolating it can feel. You're not alone. In fact, 1 in 3 people aged 55+ has some form of age-related hearing loss. But with the latest technology in Phonak P90-R Hearing Aids, you can experience better hearing again. The Phonak P90-R is the newest generation of Phonak hearing aids, with an incredible new sensor technology that automatically adapts to provide a seamless listening experience. With AutoSense OS 4.0, you'll get a seamless listening experience, even in crowded spaces. That's not all! These advanced devices offer Bluetooth® connectivity with a tap of your ear.

    Here’s Why You’ll Love This

    A seamless listening experience:The Phonak P90-R Hearing Aids offers a seamless listening experience, automatically adjusting to provide optimal sound quality in any environment. They are excellent for those with hearing loss or who find it difficult to hear in noisy environments. 

    AutoSense OS 4.0:The perfect hearing aid for the elderly. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, It features AutoSense OS 4.0, which automatically adjusts the sound based on the user's environment and needs.

    Automatic Noise Cancellation:Noisy environments can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, especially for those with hearing loss. With Phonak P90-R hearing aids, you can rest assured that you'll be able to hear clearly, even in the loudest of places. The dynamic noise cancellation feature activates automatically in noisy environments, so you can focus on what's important.

    Easy Access to All Your Favorite Sounds: With the Phonak P90-R hearing aids, you can easily access all your favorite sounds with a tap of your ear. Double tap to answer phone calls, listen to music or get directions without ever having to fumble around with your device. 

    Walk and talk with ease:Keep conversations flowing easily with the Motion Sensor Hearing feature on Phonak P90-R hearing aids. When activated, this feature recognizes when you are walking and automatically adjusts the volume of your conversation partners accordingly. Whether you're out for a walk with a friend or enjoying a family outing, the Motion Sensor Hearing feature ensures that you'll always be able to hear and be heard clearly.


    USPS priority mail is included, you do not need to select it at checkout. 

    Our current average ship time for custom programmed hearing aids is 7 business days,


    Digital User Manual:

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