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Phonak CeruShield Wax Filters

  • Phonak CeruShield filters protect the receiver from wax-related problems and extends the wear time in between filter changes.

    The new Phonak CeruShield Disc is designed with an easy to use dispenser wheel. The CeruShield Disc consists of 8 new CeruShield filters and 8 positions for easy disposal of used wax filters.

    These CeruShield filters are specifically for use with Phonak's SDS 4.0 Marvel and Paradise RIC hearing aid receivers.

    Follow these helpful hints when handling the CeruShield disk:
    • Don't press the disc when attempting to turn it
    • Gently place your fingers on the arrows on the disk and turn
    • Don't place your fingers on the opening of the disc to turn